What we do

Fixed return address

We provide a local hub for daily income of used equipment, categorize, register and report back.


Reconfiguration, test and cosmetic refurbish is done by us with two matters in mind: what is the esthetic demand of the end-user and how to discard as little as possible. A balance between the two matters is central in our work.

Central hub/warehouse

The efficiency of your entire logistics set-up, should be measured not by how much volume you acquire, but how little you actually need without compromising output. During the last 10 years, MatKon have developed ways to improve the generally wasteful approach to usage of space, materials and transport.


Our first priority will always be to reuse that which can be reused, within a locally closed loop. If this is not possible, we will make sure the raw materials used in a given product, are upcycled into new products locally. Last resort is recycling, where the outgoing material is sent to the nearest recycle center.