How we do it


We work with our clients in procurement set-ups made for long-term effect. Since 2009 this approach of common forward thinking and giving each other space to critical inquire in every aspect of the collaboration, has enabled our clients and ourselves to create cost efficiency and environmental improvement.


Our clients know from the beginning of any collaboration that we set impact first. In any long-term set-up there will be ambitious common goals. MatKon Refurbish delivers the most basic in this context: a local closed loop, both for refurbishment as well as the raw material from the discarded network equipment – for example, we´re upcycling the plastics into new products.

Savings and earnings

In our way of thinking, the only savings and earnings with inherent value to us, our clients and the world around us is when we achieve more with less, meaning that the end consumer experiences the full satisfaction from the end product, and our clients using less resources and time delivering it.